What Lies Beyond Effort (努力の先にあるもの Doryoku no Saki ni Aru Mono) is the seventh episode of the Mushoku Tensei anime.


Eris's 10th birthday is fast approaching, and her grandfather has invited nobles from across the kingdom to a dance party to celebrate. There's just one problem: Eris can't dance, and she's quickly losing patience with her lessons. [1]


With the approaching date of Eris' tenth birthday party. Rudeus allows her dance teacher to take some time from his schedule to have her improve, while he makes use of the extra time to learn other languages. Despite that, Eris barely improves her dancing and considers giving up, but Rudeus encourages her to continue and starts helping with her lessons. As Rudeus improves on his foreign language skills with Ghilsaine and Roxy's help, Eris barely improves her dancing at all and on the day of the party, she fails to dance with another noble. Rudeus steps in and successfuly dances with Eris after instructing her to incorporate some of her fighting skills in her moves. After the party, Rudeus meets Eris' grandfather Sauros, who sees a strange ball of light in the sky and fears it could be an ominous sign.



Adaptation Notes

This episode adapts the following material:

Differences with the light novel:

  • The events of the chapter 5 and 6 were merged
    • In the anime, Rudeus learns other languages and receives the letter and book made by Roxy meanwhile Eris practices dancing for her birthday.
    • In the light novel, Rudeus learns other languages and receives the letter and book made by Roxy after the birthday party of Eris.
  • Edna is introduced in this episode
  • The anime adds a scene where Philip lent to Rudeus books
  • The lore events of the last 100.00 years of the world was cut.
  • The book that Rudeus received from Roxy was made of animal hide.
  • A minor scene that explains that Ghislaine if the four strongest Sword god Style user in the world and the content of the book from Roxy was cut
  • A PoV of Ghislaine thinking about Rudeus was cut.
  • In the light novel, Rudeus tells to Eris the "charm" to dance in the practice sessions before her birthday party
  • In the light novel, Rudeus was the first dance partner of Eris to calm her, afterwards he danced with other nobles and danced again with Eris.
  • In the light novel, Rudeus and Eris clothes and hairstyle are different for the birthday party



  • In the light novel, after the party when Rudeus give to Eris and Ghislaine the apprentice wand, the group was drinking wine, but because the television cant show minors drinking alcohol, they dont show the content of the cup or say what they are drinking, leaving only the jar and the cups.
  • Arc System work is credited in the ending for some character figures made by Rudeus from Guilty Gear Series



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