Zanoba Shirone is a doll loving prince.


He is a tall, thin, oval-faced man, with his cheekbones clearly visible. He wears round glasses.


He is impulsive and cares a lot about dolls to the point of disregarding life. He has utmost respect towards Rudeus, his master. Although he used to think of other humans as nothing more than dolls made of flesh, after meeting Rudeus and due to the influence Rudeus had on him he slowly accepted other people. While not usually showing, Zanoba harbors a deep gratitude for his country and a fondness of warfare. He is highly intelligent and specialised in military tactics, capable of rally and ambush against tremendous odds.

Due to his intellectual level, he has been conducting research and producing several inventions for Rudeus.

It's later revealed that his patriotism, fondness for warfare and his love for Pax were simple attempts to act more like a human being, learning from Rudeus and people around him. Even though he does not fully understand such emotions, he feels like they are the right things to act on.


Born as the Third Prince of Shirone. When he was three years old, he killed his brother, the Fourth prince, as if his brother was a doll. When he was 15 years old, he killed his wife, as if she was a doll.

Power and Abilities


Earth Magic - Intermediate

Miko Power

Zanoba is abnormally strong, capable of standing off with a demon king, as far as raw strength goes. Any hit from Zanoba is potentially fatal even with touki. This power does not include stamina, however, as Zanoba is described to be unfit for long travels.


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  • Create the first prosthetic arm in the world, that can help the persons that lost a arm.
  • Create the first automaton in the world with the help of Rudeus.

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To Rudeus: “I have a weakness for figurines. I collect them from all over the world,”[1]

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  • Between the special students of his generation, he was the oldest student.
  • He's able to use Zariff's Prosthetic arm for 3 hours.
  • He successfully became the closest friend to Perugius the Armored Dragon King as they have the same interest in art. This friendship was enough to make Perugius offer his assistance in retaking Shirone for Zanoba, despite his blatant hatred for power struggles.
  • Apparently, beside Rudeus he unexpectedly enjoyed Cliff and Julie's company.


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