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Zenith Greyrat (ゼニス・グレイラット Zenisu Gureiratto), née Latreia (ラトレイア Ratoreia), is the wife of Paul Greyrat and the mother of Rudeus Greyrat and Norn Greyrat.

Born a noble, she ran away from home and joined Paul's party before starting a family with him later. Following the Teleport Incident, however, she was transported into the Teleportation Labyrinth and encased within a mana crystal. After being rescued, she awoke as a Miko, but was left in a constant dream-like state.


Zenith has blonde hair that she normally ties in a ponytail with chin-length hair strands hanging on either side, blue shaded eyes, she has a voluptuous figure with large breasts (which Norn Greyrat inherited) and she appears more youthful than her actual age as noted in,[1] as a result of her being trapped in a magic crystal after the Teleport Incident.


Zenith has a very warm and loving personality, acting as a loving mother who can be strict at times. She is very conservative in morals as a follower of Millis, and will get angry at Paul due to the fact that he is a womanizer. She will also get angry when people damage the plants in her garden.

After being freed from the Teleport Labyrinth, she does not express emotions actively since she sees the world around her as if she were in a trance or dream. Occasionally she will display actions that show her emotions, such as when she smiled at Norn or hit Rudeus when he said he was going to add Eris to his family as a wife, which shows signs of her personality basically unchanged but hidden and suppressed by her dream state caused by her Miko Powers.


Zenith was born in the Holy Country of Millis as the second daughter of an Earl of Millis. She grew up following the Millis Church religion, never breaking the rules, getting good grades in school and had the nickname Millis young lady standard. However, when Zenith reached the age of 15, she rebelled against her parents and ran away from home, thus turning her back on the noble's [road] of being in an arranged marriage with another Earl's family in Millis.


Zenith and Paul settling down in Buena Village

While trying to find a job as a Healer, she was a solo adventurer for a time. However, she was frequently conned out of a large amount of money due to the little knowledge she had on how expensive healers are and being used as a human shield against monsters, but she was later saved by Paul Greyrat. She then joined Paul's party, the Fangs of the Black Wolf, as a healer. She spent a long time in the party as a healer and gradually began to fall in love with Paul and wanted to marry him. However, Paul was a womanizer who frequently slept with multiple women and she didn't want to be with someone like that, so she told him if he promised to be faithful to her then she would sleep with him, to which he agreed. However, she still thought that if Paul doesn't keep his promise, she will just give up and leave him.

Shortly after she became pregnant with Rudeus, Zenith was extremely uneasy and did not know what to do since she had not thought that Paul would keep his promise. However, Paul took responsibility and married her so they both retired from adventuring and settled down in the Buena Village where Zenith works at the village clinic.[2]


Volume 1[]

Mushoten 01 02

Zenith after giving birth to Rudeus

Zenith is first introduced after giving birth to Rudeus Greyrat and she uses healing magic on him when he falls hitting his head. Zenith later asks Paul Greyrat to hire a magic tutor when Rudeus uses Water Cannon, an intermediate ranked water magic, believing that Rudeus will grow up to be a mage.

Volume 6[]


Kishirika telling Roxy that Zenith is in the Teleportation Labyrinth

After paying for Kishirika Kishirisu's debt from drinking, Roxy requests her to look for Rudeus' family with her Clairvoyant Eyes and tells Roxy that Zenith is located in Rapan, Begaritt Continent but upon further checking, Kishirika could not see her precise location leading her to conclude that Zenith is in the Teleportation Labyrinth and its high concentration of Mana prevents her from seeing in the labyrinth due to her weakened state but assures Roxy that Zenith is still alive.

Volume 12[]


Zenith freed from the magic crystal

Zenith is trapped in a magical crystal and from the information gathered by Geese, several adventurers who previously explored the Teleportation Labyrinth saw her there.

Rudeus, Paul, Elinalise, Talhand, Roxy, and Geese reaches the seventh floor of the Teleportation Labyrinth and they see Zenith trapped in the magic crystal that shatters after they kill the Guardian of the Labyrinth, the Manatite Hydra.


Zenith travelling the desert in the Anime

She had lost the ability to speak and is believed to have lost her memories. On their journey back to Sharia, Geese purchases Jirou to pull the coach where Zenith is riding during their desert travel.

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Powers and Abilities[]

Zenith has attained Intermediate Rank Healing Magic from Millis noble school which could allow her to work in Millis' hospital, but she instead becomes an adventurer where she acts as a healer.[2]


Zenith using Healing on Rudeus


Attack Magic:[]

  • «Fire Magic - Elementary Rank»
  • «Water Magic - Elementary Rank»

Support Magic:[]

『Miko Power』: Telepathy[]

Zenith has gained the ability to read minds after being trapped in a Magic Crystal during the Teleport Incident. A side effect of her power is that she is in a dream like state where she is not fully awake and not able to actually speak, but thinks she is speaking due to her telepathy. Her lack of reaction to her surroundings leads others to think that she has lost all of her memories and ability to speak. She can hear the thoughts of babies and animals with this power, as she thought she was hearing Lara Greyrat and Leo speak, but in reality she was actually reading their minds. Additionally, she is unaffected by Orsted's curse of being feared and hated as noted by her remarks to everyone's reactions to him whenever he visits their home in Sharia.


  • Reached S-rank as an Adventurer


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  • Zenith met Orsted and was not afraid of him. It might be a result of her being in a dream like state and has not met Orsted with her full consciousness.
  • In the previous loops, Zenith's first child was always a stillborn male, and she never became mute as a result of the Teleport Incident.
  • Zenith learnt how to cook from Geese. Because she married Paul Greyrat after learning the technique, Geese swore to never teach someone else to cook again.
  • Zenith gave birth to Rudeus Greyrat when she was 17.




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